Sherry Kahn, MPH

sherry-photoSherry Kahn, MPH, is a health educator, writer, marketing communications consultant, author and publisher.

For more than three decades, Sherry has been employed or engaged as a consultant by a variety of healthcare institutions and corporations, including governmental agencies, academic medical centers, community hospitals and clinics, integrative/alternative medicine practitioners, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical and medical device makers.

Sherry received her master’s degree in public health from the University of Michigan, is a former UCLA Medical Center principal editor and a former medical journalist with reutershealth.com. Sherry’s writing activities began in the public sector, where she was responsible for the production of funding proposals, often in the multi-million dollar range. As an employee/contractor in the advertising/public relations arena, she honed her marketing communications skills, assisting businesses both large and small.

Early educational projects included presentations and training manuals. With the changing technology, Sherry progressed into developing e-learning courses and informational websites.

In addition to her latest book, Surviving the U.S. Health System, Sherry is the author of Healing Magnets (Random House/Three Rivers Press), The Nurses Meditative Journal, the coauthor of Healing Yourself: A Nurse’s Guide to Self-Care and Renewal, the ghostwriter of The Ageless Woman, and she has been published in a variety of consumer and trade venues, including The Huffington Post.